What Is A Charcuterie Board?

Let's talk Charcuterie!

Charcuterie is the culinary art of preparing cured or smoked meats (mainly meat and cheese products). It's easy to prepare and delicious to the taste.

Creating a charcuterie board may be perfect for special occasions like anniversaries, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, and sometimes just for a fun dinner.

What is typically on a charcuterie plate?

  • Cured Meats.
  • Various Cheeses
  • Olives and Nuts.
  • Fruit.
  • Dried Fruits.
  • Crackers or small slices of bread.
  • Jelly or Jam.

The fantastic thing about charcuterie boards is that there is no end to the possible variations. Switching up a few ingredients makes the experience different every time.