What are your boards made of?

Our cheese and charcuterie board are made from sustainably sourced Acacia wood. Acacia Is the hardest of all hardwoods. Acacia wood is from the Australian-native Acacia trees and shrubs, which can also be found in Asia and Africa. There are more than a thousand different varieties of Acacia tree. The hardwood that is sourced from the tree is used for building long- lasting furniture and homewares.

What’s the difference between Bamboo and Acacia?

Bamboo is a soft grass and Acacia is a hard wood. Bamboo is harder than common hardwood like Acacia and so can be damaging to your knives. Apart from its beauty, Acacia has all the components you want for a charcuterie and cutting board: durability, resistance and soft on knives.

How do I clean my board?

Hand wash it with a wet cloth and dry. Apply regularly food-grade mineral oil (coconut oil) and store your acacia wood board and use a clean cloth to rub it in the direction of the wood grain. And then wipe excess oils off. Allow tray to sit overnight. Please, do not soak or submerge in water as this will over-saturate the wood and lead to cracking.

How should I store my board?

Store your acacia wood board in dry areas away from extreme temperatures.

What comes with my charcuterie board?

Our charcuterie board comes with an accessory set that includes knives, forks, ramekins and wine opener.

How to use the knives?

Each knife is designed to make cutting or spreading a specific type of cheese easier. Please refer to our knife guide provided in our care instructions included in the box.

Can I put the accessory set in the dishwasher?

After each use you can safely run the accessories in your dishwasher on the top rack or designated utensil tray.

Is the slate tray removable?

It is for easy cleaning.

Can I obtain a replacement for a damaged accessory?

If a part arrives broken or damaged you can contact us directly: reallifeliving@recontour.io

How is the charcuterie board delivered?

Our charcuterie board is carefully put together in a premium gift box.